We believe in the power of women and the beauty of their stories.

Women who work tirelessly while raising their families or those who work towards social justice or other causes should be seen.  Women entrepreneurs and business owners should be supported by their community. 

We believe that all women deserve beautiful photography. 

We are a community of professional photographers, creatives, and industry experts who came together for this common cause. We want women to have access to professional photography who otherwise cannot afford it. Our mission is to help women leave their legacy for their children and generations to come; to help women entrepreneurs and small business owners increase their visibility; and to promote equality by telling the stories of their contributions. 


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Angela Acosta of Angela Atelier and founder of The Gal Project.

Angela specializes in portraits and lifestyle photography.

Charissa H. Yong

of Charissa H. Yong Photography

Charissa specializes in portraits and branding photography. She works with business owners, service-based professionals, couples, families and individuals to capture their true essence and special moments in unique ways. 

Clara Wang of Clara Wang Photography.

Clara specializes stunning, professional product photography. She supports women like you (brilliant multitaskers), newly embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, gaining confidence and attention for your heart-centered product that will make a difference in the world!⠀

Cristina Camacho of Cristina Camacho . 

Cristina is a five-star rated hair and makeup artist. She has years of experience with photo and video shoots, so she fully understands lighting, which is the most crucial aspect of photography. She believes in accentuating each woman's unique beauty, and she has extensive experience with brides, so she is a master at making women feel confident and beautiful while still seeing themselves in the mirror. 





Are you a makeup artist, photographer, marketer, influencer? We want to work with you.

Join our team and help us give women the lift they deserve. 


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